I can tell to anyone interested in Muni´s life, that she was inclined for artistic expression since she was born. I remember her with not more than five years old, admiring Xuxa, and promising all of us ”I´m gonna be like her”. Very soon, she was on her way to artistic and rythmic gym at the German Goethe Schule. When she switched to St. Trinnean´s English school, known for the quality of their annual musical presentations, participated then for her first time in the musical PIGMALION, with a brief part as a sarcastic woman.

This and her appearance in several chapters of the recongized soap opera CHIQUITITAS, produced by Cris Morena, gave her the opportunity to perform as “Belle” of THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with sixteen years old. By 2002 she added on her shoulders several TV commercials, and an appearance in the film IMAGINING ARGENTINA, starring Antonio Banderas and Ema Thompson, directed by Christopher Hampton. She was then asked to play a relevant character at the famous soap opera REBELDE WAY, also a Cris Morena production. As a consequence, she performed for the first time at the GRAN REX (one of the most recognized theatres in Buenos Aires), during the winter holidays. FLORICIENTA was the next soap opera hit where Muni became very well known. Because of its popularity a musical was written to be presented with a spectacular impact at the GRAN REX theatre once more, and several very succesful tours where organized through Argentina, Israel, and South America, like the last two VELEZ stadium presentations with 80 000 people. This was something I will never forget, such a crowd…

Since she always wanted to improve her skills, she decided in 2005 to study at the IUNA (National University Institute for Arts), also tap dancing, voice y repertoire lessons and musical theatre classes. To be able to support her studies, Muni worked for various comercials adds like: JELL-O, CANON, MEDTRONIC, DANETTE, ETC., played “Sophie” in the MAMMA MIA musical, at the Don Bosco theatre, took part in two chapters for the sit-com CASADOS CON HIJOS (Married with Children) on TELEFE TV Station (the most important TV Station in Argentina) and challenges herself participating on an episode on CONFLICTOS EN RED also on TELEFE TV. As for year 2006, she did not abandon the advertising, on the contrary she added ballet, jazz and hip-hop studies to her activities.

In the meantime, FLORICIENTA expanded all over Latin America and a new tour through countries like: Guatemala, Republica Dominicana, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, México etc. took place. On her vacations, Muni took some time to achieve a summer course in New York, the CAP21 (Collaborative Arts Proyect 21), of the NYU (New York University). She received a scholarship after auditioning at the AMDA (American and Musical Dramatic Academy). The return to Argentina was a must in order to appear in BEHIND THE TREES, LEFT FOR DEAD and DYING GOD. Three films launched in the USA on DVD. The next step in Muni´s life was being part of THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY LATIN AMERICA Family in 2008. She started touring as a Host for a couple of years on WINNIE THE POOH LIVE, PLAYHOUSE DISNEY LIVE and MICKEY MAGIC SHOW (Feld Entertainment). Muni presented a few of these shows in English for countries like: Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago and even in Portuguese in Brasil. I remember her studying very hard, in order to achieve perfect diction for both languages.

She was surprised by a new challenge with the offer to host in “Topa y Muni” for PLAYHOUSE DISNEY TV Show in Latin America. It became one of the most popular TV Shows. The impact was such; that a second season came for Disney Junior Channel, La Casa de Disney Junior.

This unstoppable success brought to life Disney’s Latin America first live show, LA CASA DE DISNEY JUNIOR CON TOPA Y MUNI. Once again, Muni toured for a year through Latin America, but this time, as a main character with Topa. In the meantime Topa and Muni starred their film HERMANITOS DEL FIN DEL MUNDO. It was launched for winter holidays on July 2011. I was overwhelmed to see her on the big screen, with that beautiful smile. Looking backwards, there are very few examples of such an explosion in popularity. This couple came to be the most important in show business for children. I can say that magic is present when observing the connection with thousands of fascinated little boys and girls, and the feeling generated during the show.

PDue to this, a second show came next touring for a year through Latin America and closing both seasons on December 2012 at the GRAN REX Theatre. This led to enormous recognition in Argentina and Latin America, with a Martin Fierro award, a Gold Record for one of the several CD’s they released, and reaching a record of audience of 250 000 people. Whenever I have the opportunity to watch her perform, there is no doubt she is living her dream. That very same little girl that once told me “I´m gonna be like her”.

Miguel Seligmann
Muni’s father